Sauna: Physiotherm Infrared Cabin

Enjoy the benefits of the modern sauna with the Physiotherm Infrared Cabin !

The Physiotherm principle uses innovative approaches to infrared technology to apply heat very gently, efficiently and safely. The two most important components are the patented ceramic radiator filled with lava sand and our low-temperature infrared technology.

A 30-minute session in an Infrared cabin helps you to strengthen the immune system, to improve circulation and metabolism, to reduce tension and soothe back pain, to promote purification and detoxification, to have a positive impact on the treatment of skin conditions, to have the same effect as a gentle cardiovascular endurance training.

Take your seat, start and simply ENJOY!

Physiotherm infrared cabins – the best heat for your health !

Treatment of 30 minutes : 200 MAD – Booking in advance is required.