How to go to Fez?

Located at about two hours direct flight from European main cities, Fez is getting more and more famous among the preferred ‘city-break’ destinations

The new Fez- Marrakech flight is operated three times a week by Air Arabia (, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, thus offering an excellent product with comfortable schedules and more options for Combined tourist tours.

Flights from Fez to Marrakech

Fez- Marrakech Friday Take-off : 12:55pm local time Arrival: 1.55pm local time
Fez- Marrakech Wednesday Take-off : 2:20pm local time Arrival: 3.20pm local time
Fez- Marrakech Sunday Take-off : 12.25pm local time Arrival : 1.25pm local time

Flights from Marrakech to Fez

Marrakech – Fez Friday Take-off : 4.00pm local time Arrival: 5.00pm local time
Marrakech – Fez Wednesday Take-off : 2.35pm local time Arrival: 3.35pm local time
Marrakech – Fez Sunday Take-off : 2.05pm local time Arrival: 3.05pm local time

From Europe, the following cities are served by Air Arabia, on the basis of two frequencies per week: Rome, London, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Brussels and Barcelona.

For other options on departure or arrival from/to Fez, please check the airline companies below: